Custom Beams Staining in Texas

Custom Beams Staining

Sign up for our custom staging service to freshen or touch up old wooden furniture, or stain a brand new piece, using the modern and natural tones we offer snd bring out the aesthetic of your home. Our custom staining service enables us to match any type of wood with any intensity in stain levels; it even stains concrete! We use hazard free materials and innovative techniques to draw out the best results from your wooden structure and cure it with a lasting stain in the most effective manner.

Wall Painting

Say goodbye to traditional looks of painted walls with a solid block colouring framing a room. Faux Decor Designs offers exquisite Venetian plaster finishes, Roman clay and even different limewash textures to choose from. Elevate your walls with the help of our colour theory expertise. Personalise your interior, start with the walls and transform your space into a work of art.

Interior Wall Painting in Texas
Venetian Plaster in Texas

Venetian Plaster

Your finishing touch to your home is the insulation capacity of your windows. Don’t risk the timeless elegance and curb appeal, we’re bringing for you a number of glasses to be able to select the best fit for your home. Enjoy the serenity of your home and bask in the ease that comes with insulated houses.

Staining Custom Cabinets

Transform a blank wall effortlessly with easily staining custom cabinets that are at the ready. From floating shelves to exposed brick and stone, take your pick on a structure you want installed into your wall and we’ll nail down functionality with visual appeal. We’re offering a variety of woods to choose from, including white oak in natural tones! Usher in sophistication and reimagine your space in new ways.

Staining White Oak Cabinets

Staining white oak is a transformative process that enhances the wood’s natural beauty. This hardwood’s open grain structure absorbs stains well, creating rich, nuanced colors. From light honey tones to deep, luxurious shades, careful preparation and application are key to achieving the desired finish, making white oak a popular choice for furniture and flooring.