Does interior remodelling include building new structures?

We work collaboratively with renovation construction companies to pull together what you desire for your home, including minimal sized structures and their furnishing.

Where do you source your supplies for paints and other furnishing materials?

Our founder personally oversees the quality and durability of materials we source from companies like Clint’s for painting. We have a longstanding reputation with the companies we’re partnered with in sourcing furnishing materials.

Does Faux Decor Designs also remodel outdoor spaces?

We are strictly focused on remodelling and elevating your indoor spaces, whether its for increasing value of your asset, put up on the market, or simply for a fresh feel. Outdoor spaces and layouts are not covered in our offered services.

How long is one remodelling job going to take?

The time taken to complete one job depends entirely on the extensiveness of the remodelling job and the total square foot area of the home being remodelled. Before the remodelling process begins, we share an estimated time of completion with the client, and they can expect us to finish up well within time.